What to Expect for Car Parking Shade Installation Costs in Dubai


Dubai is no stranger to the value of shade, particularly when it comes to safeguarding automobiles, given its extreme heat and sun. Installations of car parking shades, which offer much-needed relief from the unrelenting sun, are now frequently seen across the city. But before thinking about installing a car parking shade in Dubai, it’s important to know how much to budget for it. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, this article explores the several aspects that affect the price of installing a car parking shade in Dubai.

Dubai’s Requirement for Car Parking Shades

It is vital to acknowledge the need of automobile car parking shade installation Dubai  blinds in Dubai prior to delving into the expenses. Cars can get uncomfortably hot in the summer, uncomfortable for both drivers and passengers, with temperatures often rising above 40°C (104°F). Furthermore, extended exposure to intense sunlight can cause a number of problems such dashboard cracks, faded paint, and upholstery damage. Car parking blinds shield automobiles from the destructive effects of intense heat in addition to provide shade from the sun.

Factors Affecting Installing Car Parking Shade Prices

Installing a car parking shade in Dubai can come at a broad range of costs, so it’s important to take into account a number of things that will affect the overall cost.

Dimensions of the Shade Structure: The shade structure’s dimensions have the biggest influence on the price. Naturally, the cost will go up as the area you want to cover gets larger because more labor, materials, and engineering would be needed.

Shade Material Type: There are several types of car parking shade structures, such as fiberglass, metal, and fabric. Every material has benefits and price ranges. While metal or fiberglass frames may be more expensive, they offer greater durability and lifespan. Fabric shades are typically more economical.

Design and Complexity: A large portion of the cost is determined by the shadow structure’s design and complexity. Usually, complex designs and specialized constructions are more expensive than straightforward, conventional designs.

Location and Permits: The installation site’s location and the necessary permits may have an impact on the final cost. Certain areas might be easier to get to than others, which would save on installation costs. In addition, there can be extra costs involved in getting the building permits.

The foundation needed for the shade structure and the installation procedure itself are two factors that affect the final cost. The cost may go up, for example, if difficult ground conditions or a lot of preparation are required.

Upkeep and Warranty: The long-term expenses related to upkeep and warranties must be taken into account. A longer guarantee and better materials and workmanship may lower the possibility of future expenses.

Brand and Supplier: Car parking shades are available at different rates from different brands and providers. Finding a trustworthy provider who can offer high-quality products and dependable installation services requires careful consideration.

Assessing the Expense

In general, basic cloth shades can be installed for as little as AED 150 (about $40) per square meter in Dubai; more durable materials, such as metal or fiberglass, can cost as much as AED 350 (about $95) per square meter. Standard designs only; complicated installations or extra features are not included in these costs.

AED 3,000 to AED 7,000 is about what you might pay for a 20 square meter residential car parking shade. Depending on the previously mentioned parameters, the cost of larger or commercial structures can easily approach tens of thousands of dirhams.

Money Management Advice

The following advice should be taken into consideration if you want to build a car parking shade in Dubai while keeping expenses down:

Size Optimization: Establish what size is minimal enough to properly cover your automobiles. More affordable hues are smaller ones.

Material Selection: Make an economical and long-lasting choice of car parking shades suppliers Dubai material. Although constructions made of fiberglass or metal may cost more up front, their durability can result in long-term cost savings.

common Designs: Since personalized designs typically result in large cost increases, choose for common and simpler designs.


Competitive Bidding: To be sure you are receiving a reasonable installation cost, acquire bids from a number of vendors.

Examine Long-Term Costs: To prevent unforeseen charges down the road, don’t simply concentrate on the purchase price; but take into account the warranty and maintenance.


Given the intense heat and light exposure in Dubai, installing car parking shades is essential. When making this investment, it is essential to comprehend the aspects that affect installation costs. Making wise decisions can help you strike a balance between quality and price, even if costs can vary greatly depending on a number of variables, including size, material, design, location, and more. You may preserve your cars and improve your comfort under the shade without going over budget if you carefully assess your needs and deal with reliable vendors.

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