What big attractions are in Sacramento?

Do you know about the attractions of Sacramento? Have you ever been to this beautiful city? Sacramento is one among the popular place in California. Many people around the world crave to visit this city as it has many big attractions. Sacramento is popular for many things and you can do to many attractive places in Sacramento but to know the best places there you need to read this article till last.

In this article we will cover all the top most attractions of Sacramento so that if you are visiting there for the first time you can have exposure to the best places and activities. If you have planned your journey through spirit airlines then you should know How to Select Seat on United Airlines?

What are the top attractions in Sacramento?

1. California State Railroad Museum:

This is said to be one of the largest railway museum in the world. This railway museum has exhibited space over 2,00,000 square metre. This California railway museum is situated in Old Sacremento. This is one of the renowned place in Sacramento. The place has railway coaches and locomotives dating from 1862 to 1944. The place has many furnished cars. There is much more things watch and do in this railway museum. You will also see exhibits here that provides information about the history of railway.

2. Crocker Museum of Art:

This is a highly known museum of Sacramento. The original collection of this museum is given by Margaret Crocker. The museum is decorated with Californian arts and photographs. The place also has Americans photography and European paintings. There are many impressive things to watch in this art museum. The art collection from California represents work from 1860 till present.

3. Sutter’s Fort State:

If you love to explore historic places then this one is a must visit in Sacramento. This is a historic park that is situated at the centre of the town. The town is popular for school visits. You will also get self-guide tour in this historic park. You will be charged a small fee to enter this park. You can see many display room in this park and explore the history of this town. You can go through How to Select Seat on United Airlines? section of United airlines to know about its seat selection.

4. Fairytale Town:

This is the favourite place of many tourists and local people of Sacramento as well. This is a story book themed park. This place includes 25 play sets of fairy tales which includes some nursery rhymes also. This fairy park also has farm animals. The another popular thing about this fairytale park is music performances, gardens, collection of twenty magic story boxes, puppet shows etc. The story boxes tell stories through songs and narration.

5. Midtown:

This is also an exciting place which is situated at the heart of Urban centre of Sacramento. This is an exciting place as it offers you various shopping sites, comedy shows, theatres, dance performances, gourmet dining and art galleries. There are plenty things to do in this place. Each corner of this place will entertain you. You will find a lot of good places to visit in this area.


Wrapping up this post here, we hope you got details about all the attractions in Sacramento. The place has many attractions where you can travel with anyone. Your trip will be joyful of you visit the following places as these places are marked at top by the visitors themselves. If you have entered a wrong name or spelling in your ticket, then you can go through How Do I Change My Name on a United Airlines Ticket? section in United Airlines.

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