Access control plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and confidentiality of government buildings. As unauthorized access can pose significant threats to national security, it is essential to implement robust access control systems. Among the various solutions available, full height turnstiles have emerged as a highly effective method for achieving enhanced security and control over entry points. In this article, we will explore the role of full height turnstiles in access control for government buildings.


  1. Strengthening Security Measures:

Government buildings house sensitive information and valuable assets that must be protected from unauthorized access. Full height turnstiles serve as a formidable security barrier, restricting entry to only authorized personnel. With their tall, solid barriers, these turnstiles prevent tailgating and ensure that individuals pass through the designated access point one at a time. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized entry, bolstering the overall security measures of government buildings.


  1. Controlling and Monitoring Access:

Full height turnstiles provide an efficient and controlled access management solution for government buildings. Each turnstile is equipped with integrated access control systems that require authentication before granting entry. This can include the use of RFID cards, biometric identification, or PIN codes. By implementing full height turnstiles with access control integration, government agencies can track and monitor the movement of individuals within their premises, enhancing security and accountability.


  1. Preventing Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas:

Government buildings often contain restricted areas that require additional security measures to safeguard classified information or sensitive resources. Full height turnstiles act as a barrier that effectively prevents unauthorized access to these restricted areas. By integrating these turnstiles with access control systems that restrict access based on clearance levels, government organizations can ensure that only authorized personnel enter specific zones, maintaining confidentiality and preventing potential security breaches.


  1. Automating Visitor Management:

Government buildings often need to manage a large number of visitors, including guests, contractors, and the general public. Manual security checks and visitor registrations can be time-consuming and prone to human errors. Full height turnstiles equipped with visitor management capabilities offer a streamlined and automated solution. Visitors can be registered and issued access passes at the entrance, and entry can be granted through the turnstile using the issued pass. These turnstiles enhance the efficiency of visitor management processes while maintaining the required level of security and control.


  1. Enhancing Emergency Preparedness:

In times of emergency, swift evacuation and response are critical for government buildings. Full height turnstiles contribute to emergency preparedness by enabling efficient and controlled evacuation procedures. In emergency situations, these turnstiles can be programmed to operate in a free-flow mode, allowing a large number of people to exit quickly. This controlled exit ensures an orderly and organized evacuation, reducing the chances of panic or congestion.


  1. Integration with Centralized Security Systems:

Full height turnstiles can be seamlessly integrated into centralized security systems, further enhancing their effectiveness. Integration with existing security systems such as video surveillance, alarms, and intrusion detection enables real-time monitoring and alerts in case of any security breaches. This integration provides a comprehensive security solution that allows government entities to respond promptly to potential threats and take appropriate actions.



Full height turnstiles play a vital role in access control for government buildings. They strengthen security measures, control and monitor access, prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas, automate visitor management, enhance emergency preparedness, and integrate with centralized security systems. By implementing these advanced access control solutions, government organizations can ensure the security and integrity of their facilities, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information. Full height turnstiles are essential components of a comprehensive security strategy that mitigates risks and ensures the smooth operation of government buildings.