How to print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop?

Want to know how can you print W-2 forms in QuickBooks Desktop?? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about W2 forms and how to print W2 forms in QuickBooks Desktop, as well as some very basic steps. Basically, W-2 forms are nothing more than declarations containing information related to the salary or wages paid by an employer to its employees. In addition, it also reveals all tax deduction information on employee wages, which is important for employees when preparing tax returns. The steps we will consider for you will work on all Quickbooks desktops, if you are working on Quickbooks Desktop 2018,  Quickbooks Desktop 2019, and on you can apply these steps that we are going to discuss in the further blog. 

What is print W-2 Forms in Quickbooks Desktop?

Form W2  is a document that gives you detailed information about the amount deducted annually from an employee’s account. It is also known as the salary and tax declaration form that helps you calculate the exact amount of money when calculating the year-end declaration. A W2 employee is an employee who has their employer withhold taxes from their paycheck to pay taxes and submit additional information to the government.

Why is tax deduction important?

If you are an employer, you must deduct a portion of the amount from your employee’s salary for tax purposes. However, the amount withheld will be transferred to the IRS at the end of each month. Workers don’t always know that their employers deduct a certain amount from their paychecks and pay federal taxes each month.

So at the end of the year when you calculate interest, Form W-2  helps you calculate the correct amount.

Why is it important to attach a W-2 tax form?

It is very important to attach the W-2 tax form to the paychecks you pay your employees at the end of the year. It allows you to control the amount that has been included in the tax and distinguish it from the declared amount. Additionally, if you are an employee, the W-2 form will help you understand tax deductions made on your paycheck. Form W-2  should always be attached to paychecks paid at the end of the fiscal year.

Steps to check registration status before printing W-2 form in QuickBooks Desktop

Before users embark on the process of clicking the W2 form, it is necessary to check the registration status of QuickBooks online. First of all, go to QuickBooks Online and log in to your account. 

  • Next, go to Settings.. 
  • Here, go to the Account & Settings option.
  • Now go to the option named Payments, Registration & Payroll.
  • Next, click on the Plan Details option. 
  • In this option, the user will get all the relevant details about the subscription and the type of pay plan organized.
  • Check if you have the QuickBooks Payroll Basic or Advanced plan. 
  •  There should be a full-service version of payroll.
  • Once everything is complete, continue to the next section to print the W2 form in QuickBooks Online.

Some Effective Steps to print W 2 forms in Quickbooks Desktop

Once you have completed all the printing requirements, begin the form printing process with these basic steps. They are as follows: 

STEP I: Open the W-2 forms in QuickBooks Desktop 

  • First, go to the Employee menu and select Payroll Tax Form and W2 
  • Click Next on the Salary Form Process 
  • Now Select Tax Return and Annual Wage Form W2/W3  
  • Then click the “Create Form” button to create the form
  • Suppose you need to categorize the forms of all your employees, then for this select the All Employees option. 
  • Also, click on the employee’s last name.
  • Now you need to add/enter the year of the form you are printing and then press the OK button. For QuickBooks Desktop, just a single version of your tax form is stored.

For instance: 

If your form is already available for QuickBooks 2017 but you need to print W2 forms for 2016, you will need a more recent version of the form to use it.

  •  for printing the form, you need to select the employees. For this, click on review/edit if you haven’t reviewed all your W2 forms. 
  • To continue the printing process, you are advised to click on the submission form. Then print the type, and select the workers. Again, if your W2 form has not been reviewed, click on the review/edit option. 
  • Finally, click the Print/E-file button.

Step II: select the paper type and item  to print in the Form W-2 and W-3 ​​window 

  • First, select the options for the paper type such as pre-printed template, blank/perforated paper 
  • Now in the selected to print, you need to select the person you want to print for 

For Employers 

W-2 – Copy D: 

for your records, 2/page. 

Filing Instructions for Employers: 

for Form W-2 as well as Form W-3.

For employees 

If  using punched paper/white paper 


copies B, 2, 2, C 


copies B, 2, C 

Instructions for submitting documents to employees: 

Required if not already printed on paper  

If  using a pre-printed form 

Copy 2 of W-2: 

for your state or local tax department, 2/page.

W-2 – Copy B: 

for employee annual income tax return, 2/page.

W-2 – Copy C: 

records for one employee, 2/page.

Instructions for Employee filing: 

Required if not already printed on paper.

For Government 

W-2 – Copy A: 

for the SSA, 2/page.


W-2 – Copy 1: 

for the State Department of Local Taxes, two pages.


We hope you found this article helpful in printing W2 forms in QuickBooks Desktop. Furthermore, you have a chance to learn all the details about the W2 form from this article. But if you’re not good at following instructions, you might get stuck in the middle.

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