Do the Following Things When Pests are Around

Pests are gross creatures. Everyone hates them. More or less, all types of such creatures are known to spoil our lives. That is why, sometimes, people have to take the help of pest control services for extermination. Often, weak members of the families fall sick because of contamination. Pests like cockroaches are notorious for spreading diseases through food contamination. So, indeed, it becomes crucial that these issues are tackled right on time so the situation doesn’t go out of control. Consider some of the following ideas given below. It might help you put up an effective fight against sneaky pests. Let’s get started.

Pest Problem Identification

Whenever you see pests around, immediately resort to the following action. Try to identify the type. Ask yourself what sort of bug or creature it is. You have got to identify the stuff you saw crawling. Otherwise, you cannot treat the infestation at its core effectively. The solution that really works on insect problems can only be provided when the infestation type is specifically known.

Hidden Entry Points

Sometimes, there are several holes, cracks, and crevices in your property. These worn-out spots, if connected to the outside, serve as a gateway for pests to come in. Such hidden entry points must be sealed or blocked at once. Use some sort of strong substance, i.e. caulk or cement. Fill a lot of it in the affected area and remove the fault. Fixing such spots as soon as possible means no future pest issues.

Home Cleanliness

People who don’t clean their spaces regularly often struggle with pest issues. You have got to clean your house daily. Or, you never ever get out of bug issues. You live in your residence. And no living can be without creating a mess. Thus, on a daily basis, several parts of your house collect various sorts of dirt. And thus, a proper cleaning system must be in place. Suppose there are 10 members in a family with one toilet facility. In that case, don’t you think a proper toilet cleaning system is going to be worthwhile?

Safe and Secure Food Storage

Your kitchen needs more care and attention if you see cockroaches, rats, ants or any other insects there. Well, sometimes, one or two ants may come foraging. It is not a big issue. But it mustn’t have become a daily ritual that you see them around every single time you enter the cooking and dining sections. If that is exactly what has been happening recently, you had better call it a sign of severe infestations. The main cause of the same is improper food management. Do not leave any food items uncovered. As much as possible, use air-tight containers. And keep things in the refrigerator. If there is a wet waste dustbin, empty it within less than 24 hours.

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Leaky and Broken Pipes

Are there centipedes in your house? Have you just seen a rat run across the floor? Are there too many cockroaches and houseflies? If yes, it may be because of the moisture issues. You may have been having leaky or broken pipes for a long time. Actually, plumbing issues give rise to damped walls that promote bug issues. And in little time, you find yourself amid all sorts of gross and filthy tiny living beings. So, as soon as possible, fix all water leaks.


Suppose you have just seen a lot of spiders in your room. In that case, you must fight and get rid of them. The safest way to do so is as follows. Use some natural remedy for extermination. This way, you won’t have to use chemical-based solutions.  For example, use vinegar. Make a solution with water and fill it in a spray bottle. Once done, apply it to the spiders crawling here and there. It would kill all of them right on the spot.

Essential Oils

Sometimes, you keep essential oils at home. Don’t you? The most common reason is that they can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, the same essential oil of tea trees can be used for beauty as well as pest removal purposes. Put it on your pimples and they will vanish in a few days. Similarly, make a spray with water and apply it on cockroaches, ants and spiders. And see the magic. It would make them run as well. So, use essential oils to chase the sneaky pests away.

Sticky Traps

Sometimes, a lot of cockroaches make it almost impossible for you to go on living in the same house any more. The same kitchen where you cook food is now filled with gross and stinking roaches. Nobody would be able to face this torture. By the way, these sewage pests are known to spread millions of diseases. As soon as you spot an infestation, use sticky traps. Put a lot of them all over the kitchen. See how all the pests would come and get trapped there. Then, you can throw them out. It is the most effective way to deal with roaches, spiders and even rats.

Screen Installations

Does your home have screen doors? If not, you had better get it soon. Suppose you live in areas like India where most families love to keep their doors open and all. And besides, when it is raining, there is no question of keeping doors shut. So, in that situation, install screen doors and windows. It will allow you to open exterior doors and windows as long as you want to at any point in the day or night.

Call a Professional

And in case the infestations have broken all records, get in touch with a professional service provider. Only an experienced service provider can save your day. Hire the best pest control in Mumbai. However, beware. While interacting with pest control companies, keep all your senses open. And just don’t get tricked into buying services that aren’t worthwhile. The best piece of advice here is to investigate the company first adequately and then finalise a deal.

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