Decoding Kundli: The Art of Matchmaking

Matchmaking Kundli is the comparison of two birth charts. In Vedic astrology, Kundali Milan is the practice of analyzing whether two people are compatible to have a fruitful and enchanting relationship like marriage. Matchmaking is the process of bringing two or more people together, especially for the purpose of marriage. It analyzes the compatibility between them.


Kundali Matching of bride and groom to recognize their degree of mutual respect, friendship and potential marriage. In addition, in the probability of problems and problems between them, it guarantees an explanation and an answer to a happy marriage.


At the time of marriage, Kundli Match Matching or Kundli Matching plays a key role. According to Hindu sacred texts, marriage is a preordained sacred union long before birth. Marriage is truly one of the most beautiful moments in a person’s life. The Relationships, astrology has long been a guiding light, offering insights into compatibility, dynamics, and the potential for long-lasting connections. At the heart of this practice lies the Kundli, a celestial blueprint that holds the key to understanding the intricate dance of energies between individuals. This article explores the art of Matchmaking by kundali through the lens of Kundli analysis, shedding light on how this ancient practice continues to shape modern relationships.


The Meaning of Matchmaking Kundli

Matchmaking by kundali plays a very important role in marriage/wedding. It is a beautiful relationship that binds two souls together for life and beyond. We often see numerous rituals when a Hindu wedding takes place and even before the wedding. Before deciding to get their children married, most families first check detailed birth charts to see if their stars are compatible or not.


Everyone wants a good companion who can create wonderful memories and feel content around them. It is the zone where one’s true happiness resides. Where marriage is a meaningful thing in India, today’s people want to find the perfect match.


In Hinduism, the horoscopes or kundli online of the bride and groom are combined to resolve any adverse effect after the wedding. Astrology also promises a number of treatments and approaches to overcome its harmful effects for any dosha.


The Kundli in Matchmaking: A Cosmic Blueprint for Love

The Kundli, a foundational element of Vedic astrology, is a snapshot of the celestial bodies’ positions at the time of an individual’s birth. When it comes to matchmaking, the Kundli of both partners plays a pivotal role in assessing compatibility.

The Elements of Compatibility

  • Moon Sign Compatibility: The Moon’s placement in the Kundli signifies emotional disposition. Compatibility between Moon signs indicates harmonious emotional understanding, a crucial aspect of a successful partnership.
  • Mars and Venus: Mars, representing passion, and Venus, symbolizing love and harmony, play crucial roles in assessing physical and romantic compatibility.
  • House Overlaps: When the houses in the Kundlis of both partners overlap, it signifies shared interests, values, and life goals, creating a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.
  • Aspect Analysis: The aspects (angular relationships) between planets in both Kundlis reveal important dynamics. For instance, harmonious aspects between key planets indicate a balanced and mutually supportive connection.

Compatibility of two souls in Matchmaking Kundli

According to astrology, there are total 36 gunas in birth chart which are compared before marriage to understand the compatibility of bride and groom and how their life will be. These gunas have different points and each point indicates how their individual stars and destiny will affect each other.

Financial stability and career prospects

Bride and groom, the movement of their planets affects not only their lives, but also the lives of the other. By comparing the Kundli, one can calculate their planetary position and their influence on the people around them.


Bhakoot the seventh guna of the eight works shows the effect. It brings financial instability and similar problems.

Release/Progeny Compatibility

One important factor that is explored through Kundli match making is the happiness and health of children. Nadi 8th point indicates or indicates the maximum number of points in terms of birth chances or problems if any arise. A marriage or family is complete only after the birth of a child. So parents take great care to ensure this happiness.


Special Puja

When a child is born, the position of the stars and the timing of his birth decide his happiness. Sometimes the timing and placement of stars creates a dosha in a personal chart like Mangal dosha / Shandi dosha, such doshas can lead to problems after marriage, once we settle with Kundalis, they find the same. In extreme cases, marriage is not recommended. However, in mild cases, we can perform certain pujas to reduce its effects.


While the Kundlis match, certain pujas are recommended for a successful and trouble-free married life after a detailed analysis of the stars of the bride and groom.

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