Acupressure: A New Erectile Dysfunction Cure?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder in which a man cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction has far-reaching consequences on the health and relationship of an individual. This makes its treatment essential. Acupressure can be classified as one of the erectile dysfunction cures.

Plenty of underlying diseases can lead to Erectile Dysfunction like high blood pressure, obesity or heart conditions. Treatment for ED includes tending to live a healthier lifestyle, psychological issues and ED pills. In addition, drugs like Toptada 20 can help to cure ED.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar in principle to acupuncture. Acupressure is a Chinese medicine technique to release blocked energy. In treatment, physical weight is applied to the points on the body to treat ailments. For example, weight is used by hand, elbow, or different gadgets.

Some clinical examinations have recommended that pressure point massage might be powerful at overseeing sickness and helping with lower back pain, headaches, stomach pain, and other things.

Can Acupressure Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

As of now, there is no thorough research into the utilization of acupressure for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, these examinations have principally centred around patients with erectile dysfunction brought about by mental, instead of clinical or physical, ailments. Nevertheless, a few outcomes appear to be optimistic and point towards acupressure as a viable cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

Different research has had different outcomes. However, according to the studies conducted, acupuncture might be plausible when dealing with erectile dysfunction cases caused due to psychological reasons.

Work Principle

Acupuncture works by energizing your nerves, which discharges hormones. This might cause a little discomfort. However, it might help direct glucose and make other medical advantages.

Professionals of Chinese medication depict acupuncture as an approach to unblock pathways and permit energy to flow. In addition, as new developing technology in acupressure gains momentum, we will better comprehend its feasibility.

The customary Chinese strategy for utilizing needles is the essential acupuncture used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is theorized that the release of hormones and expanded blood flow helps with erectile dysfunction.

The advantages of acupuncture for erectile dysfunction are centred around erectile dysfunction that occurs due to psychological ailments. But unfortunately, there haven’t been any tests or studies to demonstrate that acupuncture can help erectile dysfunction cure brought about by a physical issue or a medical symptom.


If you’re thinking about acupuncture for erectile dysfunction or some other condition, it’s essential to locate a certified acupuncture expert. Check these details online before visiting an acupuncturist.

Check with your medical coverage organization and inquire whether they include acupuncture medicines. Some insurance agencies will cover a piece of the expense.

The number of sessions you need depends upon the seriousness of your condition. Further, your specialist will be the best judge to examine and let you know about the number of sessions required.

Best Working Pressure Points

The pressure points valid for the treatment of ED include:

Ht7 (wrist) – The position Ht7 is at the crease of your wrist. Therefore, it aligns with your pinky and is about one finger’s width from the edge.

Lv3 (foot) – The position Lv3 is on the top of your foot between your big and second toes, about 2 inches down.

Kd3 (ankle) – Kd3 is the place above your heel, on the inside of your lower leg, near your Achilles tendon.

Sp6 (ankle/lower leg) – The position Sp6 is on the inside of your lower leg and four fingers’ width above your ankle bone.

St36 (Lower leg) – St36 is on the front of your lower leg, one hand’s width below the knee and on the outside of your shinbone.

Other areas:

Acupuncturist Dylan Stein says, “Massaging the lower back and sacrum is very good for ED,”. He elaborates by saying, “You can also massage the same area on the front, from your belly button to the pubic bone.”

How To Use Acupressure At Home?

Acupressure involves applying firm pressure to specific points throughout the body.

Practice at home by taking these steps:

Begin by relaxing and taking several deep breaths.

Then, find the pressure point and apply firm pressure for 30 seconds to one minute before moving on to the next.

Tip: Use small circular motions on each pressure point. The pressure should be firm, but make sure it’s not so strong that it causes pain.


Like any treatment, acupuncture has dangers, yet the recurrence of antagonistic impacts is low. Therefore, make sure you see a certified acupuncturist. Still, if by chance you get the treatment from somebody who isn’t qualified, dangers can include:

punctured organs


nerve damage

Ensure your practitioner is certified, uses disposable needles, and follows FDA guidelines for needle disposal and sterilization.

Alternate Cure

Cenforce 100mg

Cenforce assists with accomplishing and looking after erection, which makes it a symptomatic treatment for the condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED). In addition, the results achieved by using Tadarise 20 are as follows:

reliably restored ability to achieve an erection

measurable increase in erectile hardness

stepped-up control of erection duration

significantly improved odds of satisfying the partner

shortened time required for sexual recovery

Like Cenforce 100mg, Super P-Force is likewise accessible as a combinatory treatment for premature ejaculation and impotence. It is a blend of medicare, including sildenafil and dapoxetine (generic Priligy).

How to take Cenforce 100mg

Cenforce 100mg works best when taken on a vacant stomach or after a low-fat dinner. In addition, it is taken 40 minutes to an hour before any sexual act. In conclusion, Cenforce 100 is a prescription drug and should only be consumed as per the recommendation from your doctor.

Doctors recommend starting out with Cenforce 50 and gradually start consuming Cenfore 100.

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