Seven Super Shots From Around the World

One of my favorite things about the travel blogging world is the friendliness of its members. Perhaps it has more to do with the nature of fellow travelers, but in one moment, a complete stranger can become an instant friend, whether through twitter, connecting via a blog, or even just over a cocktail on your latest adventure.

I’d like to thank Jenny Neill for introducing herself to me through email and connecting over our shared love of travel, blogging, and photography. She has also invited me to participate in the latest travel blogging meme, Seven Super Shots.

As photography is one of my favorite ways to share the sights and feelings of a place, I am happy to share with you all my Seven Super Shots from traveling to over 15 different countries around the world.

1. Takes my breath away

Sunset in Huanchaco, Peru.

This photo was taken in Huanchaco, Peru without any filters or special settings. I did not edit it at all. I am constantly astounded by the amount of natural beauty in this world. This sunset was so warm and inviting, and watching the golden orb dip lower down was truly a magical moment I will never forget.

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How I Learned to Snowshoe in the Swiss Alps

I am sweating. Opening my eyes, I realize that my air conditioner is off. Throwing myself out of bed, I walk over to the window and switch it back on. Ah… the cool breeze hits my face and I instantly feel better.

Pulling back my curtains, I can see that the day has already started. I head towards the kitchen to brew some tea. As I sort through the different tea boxes in my cabinet, my hand knocks against a tin container in the back. Pulling it out of the cabinet, I see snow covered mountains and the words Interlaken written across it. I had bought this tin of chocolates while vacationing in Switzerland and had forgotten all about them. As I stare at the mountains etched on the tin of truffles, I start to remember my own adventure on those very same Alps.

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