What’s in My Beauty Bag: Autumn Edition

What's in My Beauty Bag- Autumn Beauty Bag

New York seems determined to hold on to its last vestiges of warmth during this autumn, but as the temperature slowly starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, it is once again time to reassess my beauty essentials, both at home and on the road. Continue reading

Travel in Style: Fall Road Trip Packing Guide

Fall Roadtrip Packing Guide

Goodbye summer! Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to look forward and start planning all of my favorite autumn activities: apple picking, leaf peeping, road trips, fireside drinks, and pie baking. The warm weather may be fading, but that’s just an excuse to replace sun dresses with sweaters.

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Travel in Style: Fall Beauty Guide

What's in My Beauty Bag- Fall 2014 Edition

While the end of summer sadly brings a close to warm weather, beach days, and strapless dresses, it ushers in an exciting new time of crisp air, colorful scenery, fall fashion, and an updated wardrobe. With activities like apple picking, leaf peeping, and savoring the last few weeks of comfortable outdoor weather, the effects of the season are definitely felt on my skin.

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Travel in Style: A Chic Guide to Carry On Essentials

Carry On Essentials

As an avid traveler I have learned the hard way that there is a science to packing a carry on bag for the airplane. Too many times I have found myself with freezing toes or chapped lips, rummaging through my seemingly bottomless bag to find my passport and tickets. After years of travel, I have finally narrowed down my carry on to include an edited list of luxurious selections, designed to make my travel experience as enjoyable as the trip itself.

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