Travel in Style: Beach Vacation Packing Inspiration

beach packing

Vacations are a time to kick back and let your daily worries fade away with each passing minute. Aside from the standard spa day and beachside lounging, I find as much relaxation in the items I pack. Gone are the daily uniform of black, white, and grey. Instead I find myself reaching for fun patterns, bright colors, and anything that brings a smile to my face. While a few staples like a straw brimmed hat and a book to lose myself in are perennial vacation accoutrements, I love to add in something unexpected to brighten up my day and my photos! Cue the panda faced purse.

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Travel in Style: Out of Africa Edition

Travel in Style- Out of Africa Edition

Meryl Streep’s turn in Out of Africa was iconic for more than the lush African backdrop. The khaki colored ensembles she wore were enough to make anyone jealous, safari bound or not. Drawing inspiration from her wardrobe, I sourced some modern day items that will transport you to your dream safari.

Robert Redford sadly not included.

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Travel in Style: Black and White Cold Weather Comforts

Travel in Style- Black and White Cold Weather Comforts

As the holidays start their annual approach and the autumn winds start to strengthen, it’s time to start replacing your lightweight jackets and tees with some warm knits and lined layers. Whether you are planning to enjoy the approaching cold front at home or at a frosty ski lodge, here are some warm winter options to keep you toasty and chic. Remember, anyone who says no to white after labor day clearly has never wrapped themselves in a creamy cashmere Alexander McQueen pullover.

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Travel in Style: Australia and its Designers

Travel in Style- Australia and its Designers

With most of the United States set at a firm two-week vacation policy, it’s hard to find time to hit all of the countries on that bucket list; especially while fitting in holiday trips home, an occasional sick day, and those weddings and bachelorette parties that really add up. So while you might not be able to visit your dream country, sometimes it’s fun to bring a bit of that country to your home. Continue reading

An introduction to aloha attire at HONOLULU Fashion Week

Issa de' Mar collection
Issa de’ Mar collection

Winter may be approaching, but in Hawaii things are heating up — especially on the fashion scene. HONOLULU Magazine and Hawaii Fashion Incubator kick off HONOLULU Fashion Week this Thursday. It’s the first event of its kind on the island, drawing from a pool of talented Hawaii-born designers and attracting those inspired by its unique fashion features. Far from the dark wool coats and down vests most will be donning, this Fashion Week is all about celebrating light fabrics, bold graphics and colorful prints. Continue reading