Macau Photo Journal, Part Two

2015-03-30 00.52.47

Macau crept up on me. Half expecting the cacophony of noise and bodies that pulse through the streets of China, I was thrilled to find that the blend of Portuguese and Chinese history was not relegated to schoolbooks. Instead, the streets were a blend of Chinese and Portuguese lettering, the food a mélange of Asian, European, and a new blend of Macanese flavors, and the sights a beautiful tapestry of this island’s history, while retaining both countries influence.  Continue reading

Phoenicia Flea at The Graham and Co.

Phoenicia FleaThe Graham and Co. held their second weekend of the Phoenicia Flea over Columbus Day weekend and it was the perfect fall weekend retreat. Just a short 3 hour bus ride from New York’s Port Authority, Phoenicia is a town on the cusp. A hipster getaway, thanks to the stylish and very instagramable Graham and Co hotel, the crowd at the Phoenicia Flea looked like a scene right out of Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, albeit a bit quieter. The Flea was a highly curated group of artisans, designers, and creatives including brands like Escape Brooklyn, Straw and Gold, Owlkill Studio, Local Creative, Thorneater and more.

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Brooklyn On Foot: Snapshots of a City

2014-09-20 16.20.37

One of my favorite ways to explore Brooklyn, and New York for that matter, is on foot. Walking down the side streets, intersecting through movie sets, impromptu photo shoots, adorable canine meet cutes, and colorful produce stalls all weave together to create a vibrant sojourn of culture, cuisine, and cute overload.

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Planning An International Bachelorette Trip? Santorini, Greece Inspiration Here


Every time I visit a new country there is usually a different reason behind that particular place. Sometimes I am sent on a press trip, other times I chose it for its affordable flights and beautiful views, and sometimes I visit places because of happy events. My recent trip to Santorini, Greece was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a dear friend in a fabulous European bachelorette weekend.

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Spice and Spirit at the Aarti Ceremony on the Ganges River

jJ-2RAT1yOLngzyQk6PeEtqvHDXioW5lRPDo1iTNQ64My last night in Varanasi was spent at the highly anticipated Aarti ceremony, along the banks of the Ganges River. The ceremony is held each night at dusk, with many people renting a boat to watch from the water. A mixture of prayer, incense, fire, and sound, the ceremony is a treat for the senses. I could not understand what was being chanted, but the energy along the river was one of peace and clarity.

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