Planning An International Bachelorette Trip? Santorini, Greece Inspiration Here


Every time I visit a new country there is usually a different reason behind that particular place. Sometimes I am sent on a press trip, other times I chose it for its affordable flights and beautiful views, and sometimes I visit places because of happy events. My recent trip to Santorini, Greece was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a dear friend in a fabulous European bachelorette weekend.

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Spice and Spirit at the Aarti Ceremony on the Ganges River

jJ-2RAT1yOLngzyQk6PeEtqvHDXioW5lRPDo1iTNQ64My last night in Varanasi was spent at the highly anticipated Aarti ceremony, along the banks of the Ganges River. The ceremony is held each night at dusk, with many people renting a boat to watch from the water. A mixture of prayer, incense, fire, and sound, the ceremony is a treat for the senses. I could not understand what was being chanted, but the energy along the river was one of peace and clarity.

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The Art of the Loom in Varanasi, India

3k9m0_yEmJ_d7BDX-5jm6NSwvDk_BzK9Zp3k-WH73G0Varanasi, India is home to world class weavers and a huge textile industry. I was lucky enough to get to visit these craftsman and observe as they handled the enormous looms with grace and dexterity. The process looks impossibly difficult, and the colors are blindingly bright and beautiful as they become a small part of the larger piece. While some of these looms were located in large warehouses or studios, many were housed in the homes of artisans, passing down the craft to each new generation. It was here in Varanasi, the last stop on my trip through Northern India, that I finally purchased a sari and learned the proper technique to tying it up.

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The Flowers of Orca, India // A Lesson in Perspective

z3SwkgwJTnCTUMUYcpqHBCDCkJsojKSpBn49gDJmSnM CRKd-anl2BdZn21x3QJY92HEns4hQrodz6JVUIbPPLgTo continue with the floral theme from my last post on Flower Girl in New York, and the perfect segue back to my journey through India, the Indian city of Orca stands out for one reason. The dusty, gray stones that make up its palaces look worn and forlorn on their own, but when juxtaposed with a bright splash of flowers, they suddenly become the perfect backdrop. I like to imagine that they brighten themselves just a bit, inspired by the bright, hopeful color of their neighboring flowers.