Celebrating French Everything with France Passion Magazine

slUf5ZFFkpkBWOu7LHNRX_LKqxdUSkYGFm4vQYvdlkMOn Wednesday night I joined France Passion Magazine in celebrating their one year anniversary at the French Institute Alliance Francaise with Atout France, the French Tourist Office. The event was a celebration of all things French, with a perfume bar by jeweler Mauboussin, a Saint Germain cocktail station, and a live jazz band, calling to mind the romantic entertainment outside most Parisian brasseries. The room had a hazy blue shade, adding a soft glow to everything and in true French fashion, creating a warm, romantic glow. The night made me recall my days wandering the Marais, a handsome man on my arm, and the wind in my hair. I think a return to the city of lights is now firmly in order.

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Travel Writing:The Next Step

In August 2011 I left my job at a corporate fashion brand and dedicated myself to becoming a full time travel and style writer. Living in NYC, I wrote, traveled, and snapped photos as the days turned cold, and then slowly warm again.

With the comfort of home and the fallback of side projects, my writing did not always take the forefront of my time, something that constantly nagged at me.

Now, almost one year later, I have decided to take the next step in the travel writing lifestyle: living abroad indefinitely.

I will be starting my journey in Europe, spending most of my time in Spain and London, and hopefully a good dose of Paris and the Cote d’Azur. Giving up the security of my home, friends, and family is definitely a challenge, but one that I hope will push me to take this blog, and my blossoming career to the next level.

I will continue to share my journey as I explore some of Europe’s most dazzling summer spots.

First up: London!

Finding Inspiration: A Lesson Learned from Karl Lagerfeld

Inspiration can come from any source: a book, a movie, a trip, or a picture.

For Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Pre-Fall 2012 line for Chanel, he drew on India for the core theme of his line, a place he has never been to! Drawing inspiration from his idea of Bombay, Lagerfeld commissioned the Chanel atelier to create each embroidered piece, showcasing the true Parisian talent and attention to detail.

So next time you are sitting at your office desk, looking outside at the cold, grey skies, find the inspiration that is accessible to you. Rent a classic Hepburn movie, escape into the romantic world of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or scan through old vacation photos for some sunny memories.

Inspiration is waiting behind every corner, just begging to be discovered.

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*all images from style.com

Landscapes of Europe

While photos of friends in front of the Eiffel Tower can bring a smile to your face as you remember your adventures that day, sometimes just seeing the background for that portrait can bring so much more to mind.

Images of yourself “holding up” the leaning tower of Pisa are classic, but the stark beauty of a winter’s day in Budapest, or an isolated beach in Brighton can create inspiration and reflection.

Whether it is the way you captured the light at a certain angle, or just the memories that surface from seeing familiar landscapes, snapshots of past travels are a beautiful way to remember the places that you loved, and that are still there, waiting for your return.

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