Flower Girl Classes: The Art of the Flower Crown

2014-05-13 18.15.00

A persistent fantasy of mine has always been to run away to the romantic city of Paris and open up a flower shop. I’ve never worked with florals before, I could not tell you what is in season right now, and I definitely am not an expert arranger; yet the fantasy continues. There is something so relaxing about working with flowers, whether it is the lingering scent that fills the room, or the brilliant display of color and texture. So when my dear friend Claudia invited me to join a class at Flower Girl, I leapt at the opportunity, dreaming of my soon to come striped awning covered petite boutique.

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Travel for Art: Frieze Art Fair at Randall’s Island

rPmjkrz3Sj5PcAJ7kwpajhGmKg2QBVsN5rQdtMMJ00ALiving in New York City has many perks: food delivery at all hours of the night, a bodega on every corner, art, theater, design, and performances for every budget, and the ability to make even a simple ferry ride feel like an adventure. Every year the Frieze Art Fair is held on Randall’s Island, located parallel to the east Bronx and conveniently located by Ferry! I had never been to the fair before, but was eager to enjoy the new hours of sunshine and drink up my fill of art.

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Springtime in New York City’s West Village

2014-04-19 15.32.01One of the greatest joys of life in New York City is strolling through its quieter streets on a warm, spring day. One of my favorite neighborhoods to wander through is Manhattan’s West Village. From its picturesque streets and striped awning covered cafes, to its color blocked doorways and proximity to the waterfront, each step brings something more charming than the last.

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Throwback to New York City in the Fall: Fort Tryon Park Foliage Walk


Now that snow has finally arrived in New York, it really feels like Winter. Definitely not my favorite of seasons, I find myself gazing at photos from warmer months, as if just looking at them could change the temperature. These are photos that I took in October, during a brisk fall day in Upper Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters.

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