Bologna, Italy Announces Fico Eataly World: “Disneyland of Food”

City Of Bologna Celebrates Partnership With GrowNYC At Union Square's Night Market

On October 8th, an Italian contingent from Bologna descended upon New York’s Union Square Market to announce the city’s latest venture, Fico Eataly World. Launching in late 2015, this food mecca will feature 20 different restaurants, ten classrooms, two aquariums, an abundance of fruit and vegetable gardens, event spaces and much, much, more across it’s 80,000 square meters. Continue reading

Icons of Florence, Italy: Feeding the Stomach and Soul

Icons of Italy

Each city, country, street, or neighborhood has its own identifying markers that make that place special in its own way. One city can stand out for its culinary scene to some, while others may remember it for the sweeping views and gorgeous colors.

Florence, Italy will always hold a special place in my heart (and stomach). I had the privilege of calling this city home for five months, living on Via Ricasoli, the same street that plays host to the David. For me, Florence represents a feast for the eyes, the soul, and the body. Postcard views, priceless art around every corner, and an endless buffet of italian culinary delights kept my proverbial jaw open for five whole months. I can still taste La Giostra’s pear and pecorino tortellini, can hear the birds softly chirping in the peaceful Boboli Gardens, and can see the majestic duomo rising overhead, backlit by a stormy sky.

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Landscapes of Europe

While photos of friends in front of the Eiffel Tower can bring a smile to your face as you remember your adventures that day, sometimes just seeing the background for that portrait can bring so much more to mind.

Images of yourself “holding up” the leaning tower of Pisa are classic, but the stark beauty of a winter’s day in Budapest, or an isolated beach in Brighton can create inspiration and reflection.

Whether it is the way you captured the light at a certain angle, or just the memories that surface from seeing familiar landscapes, snapshots of past travels are a beautiful way to remember the places that you loved, and that are still there, waiting for your return.

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My Date With the City of Florence

I have always been a friendly person. I went to sleep away camp by myself, and on the first day made three new friends. I have never had a problem feeling comfortable in new settings, and had mastered the art of small talk pretty early on. So when I signed up for a six month study abroad program in Italy through a school that I didn’t go to, I wasn’t too worried. And I was right. Continue reading

Memories of Studying Abroad In Florence, Italy: Learning The Italian Way of Life



I stepped out of my apartment on Via Ricasoli and immediately jumped back against the wall of my building. Throngs of tour groups were making their way down the narrow street, toward the Accademia Gallery, home to The David. Coursing down the street like a river, I knew that if I tried to cross the street I would be caught up in their current and forced to continue on down the road with them. After standing against my door for what seemed like an eternity, the crowds finally slowed down to a trickle and I could safely cross the street and walk in the opposite direction towards the Duomo, the center of Florence.

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