Childhood Dreams in the Pink City of Jaipur

Many little girls fantasize about a completely pink bedroom, a closet full of rose colored dresses, and an endless supply of bows in a rainbow of fuchsia and pale raspberry. So you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of seeing the famed pink city of Jaipur. While the color may be closer to terra cotta, (legend has it the city got its name from a certain British monarch who clearly didn’t have an eye for color) I was happy enough strolling down the sandy colored streets and enjoying the monochromatic buildings. My first stop was Hava Mehel or the Wind Palace, a giant, one-walled palace that served as a façade for the royal women. They were forbidden to show their faces in public, so this giant wall, almost completely covered in windows (165 to be precise), provided the perfect viewing balconies for ceremonies and parades.

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