Where to Teach English for Free (and actually make a difference!)

As the youngest of four girls, I have inherited the qualities (or perhaps flaws) of a typical youngest child: I don’t love to share, I am used to getting my way, and I am not the most patient of people. So whenever people would spout praises of teaching English in foreign countries, I shuddered at the thought. Teaching is definitely not my strong suit, and I doubted that I would have the patience and kindness to make a real impact.

As I was planning my upcoming trip to Spain for the summer, I was sent a press release by email describing VaughanTown, a language immersion course for Spaniards trying to learn English. The program called for fluent English speakers, with no mention of a teaching degree or even an interest in teaching.

I was immediately interested.

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How to make the most of your study abroad trip

How to make the most of your Study Abroad trip:

me on a gondola in Venice, during Carnival

When I headed off for my study abroad trip to Florence, Italy I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to have an experience I would never forget! During my five months in Europe I traveled to seven different countries, made friends with locals, learned to flirt in Italian and ate about ten tons of spaghetti.

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