2015-05-14 20.21.14The new Whitney Museum recently opened and I went to an after hours viewing during Frieze Week. The art caught my attention, and I particularly enjoyed the work of Yayoi Kusama, but it was the panoramic views that the building afforded that really stood out. From the sunset views to the brightly hued chairs that graced one of many patios, the building offered a glimpse beyond the works inside, and over the city that houses them.  Continue reading

The Wynn: A Hotel Standout in Macau

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After traveling around the globe, I’ve experienced my fair share of hotels. Large and small, budget and luxury, detail oriented and wildly lacking. The Wynn in Macau was an eye opening experience for me, not only in it’s thoughtful design and immersive experience, but for the range of its scope and its embrace of different cultures. Continue reading

Cartagena’s Colorful Walled City

CartagenaAfter a particularly chilly winter in New York, I needed some sunshine and color in my life. So I left for a week long trip to Colombia, starting with the colorful, sun soaked streets of Cartagena’s walled city. Each building was painted a brighter hue than the last, and I felt my spirits lift with every step. The sun poured down, casting a brilliant sheen to each moment, turning the overhanging boughs of flowers into shimmering awnings of perfume.  Continue reading

The Jim Thompson House and it’s Mysterious History

Jim Thompson HouseThe story of Jim Thompson is a fascinating one, and in fact has prompted the writing of several books on his life. An American soldier and spy, Jim was sent to Thailand towards the end of the war and fell in love with the country. He returned after his service had ended and made a life for himself. Particularly interested in the cottage silk industry, Jim was a key influencer in promoting the Thai silk trade and helped bring this product to the global market. He was also very interested in Asian culture and design, creating a beautiful teak home filled with locally sourced artwork, furniture, and inspiration.  Continue reading

An introduction to aloha attire at HONOLULU Fashion Week

Issa de' Mar collection
Issa de’ Mar collection

Winter may be approaching, but in Hawaii things are heating up — especially on the fashion scene. HONOLULU Magazine and Hawaii Fashion Incubator kick off HONOLULU Fashion Week this Thursday. It’s the first event of its kind on the island, drawing from a pool of talented Hawaii-born designers and attracting those inspired by its unique fashion features. Far from the dark wool coats and down vests most will be donning, this Fashion Week is all about celebrating light fabrics, bold graphics and colorful prints. Continue reading