The Art of the Loom in Varanasi, India

3k9m0_yEmJ_d7BDX-5jm6NSwvDk_BzK9Zp3k-WH73G0Varanasi, India is home to world class weavers and a huge textile industry. I was lucky enough to get to visit these craftsman and observe as they handled the enormous looms with grace and dexterity. The process looks impossibly difficult, and the colors are blindingly bright and beautiful as they become a small part of the larger piece. While some of these looms were located in large warehouses or studios, many were housed in the homes of artisans, passing down the craft to each new generation. It was here in Varanasi, the last stop on my trip through Northern India, that I finally purchased a sari and learned the proper technique to tying it up.

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