The Jim Thompson House and it’s Mysterious History

Jim Thompson HouseThe story of Jim Thompson is a fascinating one, and in fact has prompted the writing of several books on his life. An American soldier and spy, Jim was sent to Thailand towards the end of the war and fell in love with the country. He returned after his service had ended and made a life for himself. Particularly interested in the cottage silk industry, Jim was a key influencer in promoting the Thai silk trade and helped bring this product to the global market. He was also very interested in Asian culture and design, creating a beautiful teak home filled with locally sourced artwork, furniture, and inspiration.  Continue reading

An introduction to aloha attire at HONOLULU Fashion Week

Issa de' Mar collection
Issa de’ Mar collection

Winter may be approaching, but in Hawaii things are heating up — especially on the fashion scene. HONOLULU Magazine and Hawaii Fashion Incubator kick off HONOLULU Fashion Week this Thursday. It’s the first event of its kind on the island, drawing from a pool of talented Hawaii-born designers and attracting those inspired by its unique fashion features. Far from the dark wool coats and down vests most will be donning, this Fashion Week is all about celebrating light fabrics, bold graphics and colorful prints. Continue reading

Pre Trip Inspiration: Summer Palace in Thailand

IMG_1112With my upcoming trip to Thailand just around the corner, it feels only natural to look back on my first visit to the land of smiles. The highlights were many, but one location that stands out as a special memory is a trip to the summer palace of the royal family. The Mrigadayavan Palace is located right outside Hua Hin, christened the “Hamptons of Bangkok” by my local friend. Continue reading

Phoenicia Flea at The Graham and Co.

Phoenicia FleaThe Graham and Co. held their second weekend of the Phoenicia Flea over Columbus Day weekend and it was the perfect fall weekend retreat. Just a short 3 hour bus ride from New York’s Port Authority, Phoenicia is a town on the cusp. A hipster getaway, thanks to the stylish and very instagramable Graham and Co hotel, the crowd at the Phoenicia Flea looked like a scene right out of Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, albeit a bit quieter. The Flea was a highly curated group of artisans, designers, and creatives including brands like Escape Brooklyn, Straw and Gold, Owlkill Studio, Local Creative, Thorneater and more.

Continue reading

Seasonal Style: Halloween (Un)Costumes

Halloween Style

Happy almost Halloween! With pumpkins gracing every corner market and decorations lighting up the streets at night, it’s natural to want to partake in the holiday spirit. If you’re not a fan of the generic costume, or just want to start joining in the Halloween festivities early, here is some sartorial inspiration. Break out your fall wardrobe and spread some festive spirit throughout the month of October.

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