8 Sweet Treats From Around The World

Visiting a new city or country can be an explosion of new experiences. From the sights, sounds, and scents, each new place has its own brand identity that can be vastly different than what you are used to back home. One of the best ways to dive right in and get a taste (literally) of the local flavor is by experiencing its food. For some, this means trying every street cart in sight, while others prefer to indulge in only the top rated restaurants. No matter which method you prefer, there is always one course that remains universal. Dessert.

Here are 8 sweet treats from around the world that are guaranteed to make you want to grab that passport and jump on the next flight out.

Peru: churros


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The Circle of Life on the Ganges River

7kBCy1k3Hu5uVuzjEtktwwrDvdOi5RHa3kclxqvZfdwTaking a boat ride down the famed Ganges River is to learn the saying “waste not, want not.” The river serves many purposes for the residents of Varanasi, some that seem a bit conflicting to the foreign eye. Along the banks of the river you can find families washing their clothes, cooling off from the midday heat by taking a dip in the waters, or fishing for dinner from small, wooden boats. The river is a source of life and hope, and so I found it interesting that it is also used as a burial place. In the same water that is used to cleanse and feed, the funeral homes pour the cremated ashes of the newly deceased. It took me a while to comprehend how water that was viewed as holy and pure, could contain these bodily remains. Yet once I saw the circle of life there on the banks, children laughing and playing not 20 feet away from a funeral service, I saw the larger picture.

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The Art of the Loom in Varanasi, India

3k9m0_yEmJ_d7BDX-5jm6NSwvDk_BzK9Zp3k-WH73G0Varanasi, India is home to world class weavers and a huge textile industry. I was lucky enough to get to visit these craftsman and observe as they handled the enormous looms with grace and dexterity. The process looks impossibly difficult, and the colors are blindingly bright and beautiful as they become a small part of the larger piece. While some of these looms were located in large warehouses or studios, many were housed in the homes of artisans, passing down the craft to each new generation. It was here in Varanasi, the last stop on my trip through Northern India, that I finally purchased a sari and learned the proper technique to tying it up.

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Tasting My Way Through the Food in India

S5i7JKeNqZA9x4_nqL9YZLblFJ-JtILFAlByeoseF0EI had prepared myself with steely resolve for the food in India. Prescriptions were obtained prior to the trip, bottled water was used exclusively, and street food was avoided. I’d learned my lesson in Peru and Thailand: getting food poisoning while traveling is not fun.

So you can imagine my surprise when I survived two weeks of nonstop local flavor with nary a pang. I could not get enough of the different spices, the warm naan served at every meal, the different colors and textures. I’d eaten Indian food back in New York, but I may as well have not for all its similarity.

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