Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine ThailandConveniently located just off of the Chitlom stop on the BTS Sky Train, Erawan Shrine is a must see destination for tourists in Bangkok. You can actually smell and hear the shrine before you see the statue itself. Incense and smoke waft down the street and the heady scent of flowers combine with the heat of the day. The sound of Thai chanting and the faint jingle of bells grows louder as you approach, and finally the scene explodes in a riot of color and chaos. Local dance groups are stationed around the shrine singing and performing traditional dances in brightly colored fabrics.  Continue reading

An introduction to aloha attire at HONOLULU Fashion Week

Issa de' Mar collection
Issa de’ Mar collection

Winter may be approaching, but in Hawaii things are heating up — especially on the fashion scene. HONOLULU Magazine and Hawaii Fashion Incubator kick off HONOLULU Fashion Week this Thursday. It’s the first event of its kind on the island, drawing from a pool of talented Hawaii-born designers and attracting those inspired by its unique fashion features. Far from the dark wool coats and down vests most will be donning, this Fashion Week is all about celebrating light fabrics, bold graphics and colorful prints. Continue reading

Icons of Lisbon, Portugal: Textbook Pages Come To Life

Icons Of Lisbon, PortugalI often get asked the question, “What is your favorite place you have ever visited?” After 22 countries, four continents, and countless cities, that question always strikes me as an impossible one. How can you compare India and Peru? How can you rank Santorini’s fresh tzatziki versus Tel Aviv’s home grown tahina? Each new location gives me new inspiration in its own unique way and I am happy to keep discovering new favorites. However, as with everything, personal experience can shape your opinion of a place, and there are certain experiences that do stand out for me.

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Brooklyn On Foot: Snapshots of a City

2014-09-20 16.20.37

One of my favorite ways to explore Brooklyn, and New York for that matter, is on foot. Walking down the side streets, intersecting through movie sets, impromptu photo shoots, adorable canine meet cutes, and colorful produce stalls all weave together to create a vibrant sojourn of culture, cuisine, and cute overload.

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8 Sweet Treats From Around The World

Visiting a new city or country can be an explosion of new experiences. From the sights, sounds, and scents, each new place has its own brand identity that can be vastly different than what you are used to back home. One of the best ways to dive right in and get a taste (literally) of the local flavor is by experiencing its food. For some, this means trying every street cart in sight, while others prefer to indulge in only the top rated restaurants. No matter which method you prefer, there is always one course that remains universal. Dessert.

Here are 8 sweet treats from around the world that are guaranteed to make you want to grab that passport and jump on the next flight out.

Peru: churros


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