#UnlockTheKeys: The Key West Appeal

2015-05-12 18.11.39

Miami visits will never again feel the same. The South Beach sunshine used to be my final destination, particularly during the midst of a raging New York winter. Yet what I discovered on a recent visit to Key West, was that Miami is only the beginning. A beautiful drive across a series of seven bridges from Miami to Key West, the conch life slowly creeps up with every passing mile. I stayed at The Gates Key West, a newly outfitted boutique hotel decorated in shades of blue and white. Equipped with Lorenzo Martone’s chic bicycles, I sped into town, the light breeze acting as the perfect backdrop to the sun dappled view.  Continue reading

The Ever Changing Colors of Boracay Island’s Sunset

2014-11-18 04.30.48From soft blues streaked with pink to a sky as bright as a box of highlighters, the sunsets each night in Boracay were an event in themselves. The boats bobbing in the water created a beautiful shadow against the palate of colors, and with each minute the scene would change. Conjuring up both joy and melancholia, the dramatic evenings on Boracay Island are an unmissable sight.  Continue reading

The Isolated Island Beauty of Off Season Boracay Island

2014-11-18 03.28.34From powder soft stretches of chalk white sand to the pristine blues of the transparent waters, the island of Boracay is an island of visual and visceral delight. During the high season it becomes overrun with party goers, celebrating into the wee hours of morning and lining the beach with their beach towels and totes. However, the off season finds a calm, quiet oasis of untouched corners and drawn out days, with a spectacular sunset sendoff each night. Indeed, this Philippine island remains one of my favorite destinations to date. Continue reading

Pre Trip Inspiration: Summer Palace in Thailand

IMG_1112With my upcoming trip to Thailand just around the corner, it feels only natural to look back on my first visit to the land of smiles. The highlights were many, but one location that stands out as a special memory is a trip to the summer palace of the royal family. The Mrigadayavan Palace is located right outside Hua Hin, christened the “Hamptons of Bangkok” by my local friend. Continue reading

Sunshine and Sand on the Coastal City of Nice

IMG_7536Pebbled beaches, bright blue water, winding, cobble stoned streets are a few things that come to mind when picturing Nice, one of the jewels of the Côte d’Azur. The tip of Southern France is filled with tiny coastal towns, each more picturesque than the last, and Nice (pronounced like niece) is no exception. The smell of warm, buttery croissants fills the air each morning as the patisseries open, and by noon the stony swath of sand fills with sun seekers. My favorite element of the town was visiting its daily outdoor market, where local vendors sold fruit so fresh and mouthwatering that it was hard to believe they were real.

Continue reading