Surfing Magazine SwimSuit Edition: Top Travel Tips

mtg_slider_7I was recently published in Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition, sharing my top three travel tips.

 After visiting more than 20 countries-through beach towns and historic villages, and bartering through more local markets than I can count- I’ve learned a lot about the experience of travel. Here are a few tips on how to make your next experience abroad that much more special. 

Immerse yourself in local flavor. Once you have given yourself the time to fully appreciate your new surroundings, look to the local residents to give you a proper introduction.

While guidebooks are useful as a background guide to a city, it’s best to take advice from locals on places to eat, drink, and explore. This not only exposes you to unique experiences, but also gives you the opportunity to support the true backbone of the country, the indigenous industries. 

The final step towards immersion is an emotional one. Give yourself permission to let go of your usual fears and approach each new experience with enthusiasm. Whether that involves trying fried squid eggs in Bangkok, or leaping off a cliff in Aruba, each adventure brings you that much closer to the land you’re lucky enough to visit.

Check out more surfing photos here and check out the full magazine, on newsstands now. For more of my published work, click here.

What are some of your favorite travel tips?

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