What To Do On A Daytrip To Beacon, NY

One of the best things about weekends in New York City? Escaping the city for a day! Just an hour’s journey along the Hudson River, Beacon is the perfect escape whether its a hot summer day, or a chilly Autumn escape.

Travel Up The Hudson River

Metro North Train, Hudson Valley Line

Head to New York’s Grand Central Station and wander around the architectural icon while you wait for your train. See if you can spot the hidden black tile covered in cigarette tar from before the station’s major renovation. As you board the Metro North train, make sure to sit on the Port side (left) so that you can enjoy the river views as you hurtle up along the Hudson.

Coffee Break

Bank Square Coffee Shop, Beacon, NY

When you arrive at Beacon, head to Bank Square Coffee, just at the tip of Main Street. Refuel with their extra large portioned mugs and then head back towards the train station and on to the city’s main attraction: The Dia Beacon art museum.


Main Street and Dia Beacon

This former Nabisco factory is the perfect museum for art lovers and skeptics alike. Housed in a beautiful, industrial building with large windows along the walls and roof, the Dia’s white rooms are soaked in light, and skirting the perimeter offers lush views of the surrounding gardens. The museum is the perfect size to wander through for an hour or so, enjoying Richard Serra’s fluid steel shapes, Dan Flavin’s light installations, and more.

Lunch Break

Homespun Foods garden, Beacon, NY

Break for lunch and head towards Main Street. Stop at Homespun Foods for a satisfying sandwich in a floral scented garden. Birds, bees, and butterflies will accompany your meal, and as you look around at the flowering mess, it will seem hard to believe that New York City is only an hour away.

Main Street

Main Street, Beacon, NY

Part of the charm of a small town is its charming movie-like features. The thrill of walking down an actual street named Main Street, a hub of all the town’s major shops, stores, galleries, and events never gets old when you are escaping big city living. Take a glass blowing class, learn about the local green initiatives, explore Hudson art, and search for antique treasures.

End On A Sweet Note

When you’ve had your fill of small town living, head back towards the start of Main Street and grab a cone for the road at Beacon Creamery. Then amble back down the road to the train station and New York City.

A Day Trip to Oia, Santorini, Greece: What Not To Miss

While I thoroughly recommend spending as much time as possible in Santorini, sometimes all you have is the option of one day. If you find yourself island hopping throughout Greece, here is your itinerary for exploring Oia, on the island of Santorini.

  1. Swimming in Amoudi Bay

2014-07-19 15.56.28

Start your day with a cool dip in Amoudi Bay. The walk down to the water will leave you hot and sweaty and ready to enjoy all that Santorini has to offer-including a cliff dive! The path to the bay is a bit tricky, with a rocky path and narrow drops, but it makes the arrival all the more enjoyable as you take in the rising volcanic cliffs from below.

2. Taking a donkey ride back up

2014-07-19 17.32.07

After all that activity you are going to be a bit tired, so spare your legs and rent a donkey to carry you up the sharp incline. You’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding views without dodging the donkey droppings that line the stone stairs.  Just make sure to hold on tight, and try to breathe through your mouth.

3. Lolita’s Gelato

Although you may be expecting Italy to be the leader of Gelato, this Greek Yogurt based confection is truly unmissable. Try the Greek Viagra for a yogurt/honey confection that will have you coming back a few hours later for another taste. Enjoy in their soothing all white courtyard, or lick this sticky street as you stroll through the winding streets.

4. Perissa Black Sand Beach

2014-07-20 20.15.55

Home to white, red, and black sand beaches, the seaside views in Santorini are each unique and breathtaking at once. Since the island is made of volcanic rock, it’s black sand beaches are a definitely unmissable emblem. Head to Perissa beach for a sea of striped chaises and straw umbrellas. Hungry? Walk to the end of the beach to Afros, where the welcoming owner will let you point and pick your fish of choice.

5. Photo Break

2014-07-23 08.39.29

Lets admit it, one of the main reasons you came to Greece was for the killer Instagram photos. Save some time to just wander the island, camera or iPhone in hand. The light changes the island’s color, bathing its white stones in a soft warm glow, but the finale of sunset is a showstopper. An endless sea of reds, pinks, and yellows dance across the sky, providing a gorgeous burst of color against the white and blue of the island.

6. Dinner with a sunset view

During the peak tourist season it’s advisable to make a reservation if you are looking for a meal with a view. Ask for the window seats to enjoy the sunset with a glass of ouzo and a taste of tzatziki.

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