Travel in Style: Out of Africa Edition

Travel in Style- Out of Africa Edition

Meryl Streep’s turn in Out of Africa was iconic for more than the lush African backdrop. The khaki colored ensembles she wore were enough to make anyone jealous, safari bound or not. Drawing inspiration from her wardrobe, I sourced some modern day items that will transport you to your dream safari.

Robert Redford sadly not included.

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Hostal Nicolas de Ovando: A Historical Oasis in Santo Domingo

2014-03-13-18-52-46Picking the perfect place to stay on a vacation is a constant struggle. Do you want to stay on a resort your entire trip? Are you looking to meet people? Do you prefer modern amenities or local flavor? After choosing the Dominican Republic based on its warm temperatures and proximity to New York, I was disappointed by most of the suggested resorts. Punta Cana seemed to be a hub for spring breakers and the all-inclusive crowd and I was looking for a side of culture to my vacation.

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Pickn’Tell: A Modern Way to Shop

Have you ever found yourself shopping alone, wondering desperately if that top really looks good,  or if the sales girl is just looking to make a commission?

Now you can take the guesswork out of shopping with Pickn’Tell, a new mobile app that combines shopping with social media.

Want to learn more? Here’s a brief snapshot of what the app can do for you!

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Driving Through the Outback of Jodhpur, India

The first day of my road trip through Northern India began with the blue city of Jodhpur.

After the six-hour drive from Udaipur’s lakeside palaces, I arrived in the desert terrain of the “outback” of Jodhpur. Waiting for my arrival was Raghu, my Compass India guide, alongside an open-air jeep. My first afternoon in Jodhpur was spent in the company of a host of local families, as I learned about the traditions and skills passed down among the generations.

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