Hostal Nicolas de Ovando: A Historical Oasis in Santo Domingo

2014-03-13-18-52-46Picking the perfect place to stay on a vacation is a constant struggle. Do you want to stay on a resort your entire trip? Are you looking to meet people? Do you prefer modern amenities or local flavor? After choosing the Dominican Republic based on its warm temperatures and proximity to New York, I was disappointed by most of the suggested resorts. Punta Cana seemed to be a hub for spring breakers and the all-inclusive crowd and I was looking for a side of culture to my vacation.

After reading more about the capital city of Santo Domingo, I realized that the mix of history, outdoor cafes, and ample sunshine would make it the perfect combination. I chose to stay on the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando, a hotel that was formerly the home of the city’s first governor. This sprawling white stone building sat high above the river, giving poolside views of the ships passing through. Located on the first paved road in the New World, just a few steps away from Christopher Columbus’s family home, the hotel was a living piece of history with an oasis within.

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Pickn’Tell: A Modern Way to Shop

Have you ever found yourself shopping alone, wondering desperately if that top really looks good,  or if the sales girl is just looking to make a commission?

Now you can take the guesswork out of shopping with Pickn’Tell, a new mobile app that combines shopping with social media.

Want to learn more? Here’s a brief snapshot of what the app can do for you!

“Check out PickN’Tell, it’s a great new mobile app that let’s you shop for and share fashion with friends – anytime, anyplace  –  all from your smartphone. With PickN’Tell, you can get opinions from the people you trust, connect with stylists and stores featuring the latest fashions, share your picks on Facebook and Twitter and with friends and get access to exclusive promotions, events and prizes from your favorite stores.

To start using  PickN’Tell now, download the PickN’Tell app from the App Store, Google Play or visit our website for more info on how PickN’Tell makes shopping for fashion more fun!”

I am happy to announce that I will be teaming up with Pickn’Tell on their social media campaign, starting with the launch of their new app this week! So, just download the app, like Pickn’Tell on Facebook and Twitter, and start connecting right away for your chance to earn points and prizes. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

And don’t forget, I can’t wait to see all of YOUR fashion picks! So get out there and start snapping.

Driving Through the Outback of Jodhpur, India

The first day of my road trip through Northern India began with the blue city of Jodhpur.

After the six-hour drive from Udaipur’s lakeside palaces, I arrived in the desert terrain of the “outback” of Jodhpur. Waiting for my arrival was Raghu, my Compass India guide, alongside an open-air jeep. My first afternoon in Jodhpur was spent in the company of a host of local families, as I learned about the traditions and skills passed down among the generations.

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Small Town Life in the Peruvian Andes

The van rounded each bend with a sharp turn, and I felt my stomach drop at the combination of nearing the cliff’s edge, and the breathless mountain scenery. With each pass the air grew thinner, yet the views grew more magnificent. Rising mountain peaks, cotton ball clumps of fluffy, white sheep, and the occasional Quechua native, dotting the landscape with a burst of color.

While traveling through the Sacred Valley region of Peru, I had been given the change to visit the tiny town of Rumira, high up in the Andes mountains. Accompanied by Threads of Peru, an NGO dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Quechua weaving traditions, I had the rare opportunity to meet and speak with the women of Rumira, talking about their daily routines, the process of weaving, and raising children while working such a laborious life. Continue reading

Holiday Shopping for Your Favorite Jet Setter

Weavers as part of Pagdiriwang Philippine Fest...

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As Hanukkah starts and the Christmas countdown begins, the present panic phase begins to settle over the majority of last minute shoppers. What do you get for your friend who has traveled to so many exotic locations that each gift pales in comparison to her local market finds. What about your fashion conscious sister who won’t wear anything unless it looks unique and ahead of the trends?

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Finding Inspiration: A Lesson Learned from Karl Lagerfeld

Inspiration can come from any source: a book, a movie, a trip, or a picture.

For Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Pre-Fall 2012 line for Chanel, he drew on India for the core theme of his line, a place he has never been to! Drawing inspiration from his idea of Bombay, Lagerfeld commissioned the Chanel atelier to create each embroidered piece, showcasing the true Parisian talent and attention to detail.

So next time you are sitting at your office desk, looking outside at the cold, grey skies, find the inspiration that is accessible to you. Rent a classic Hepburn movie, escape into the romantic world of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or scan through old vacation photos for some sunny memories.

Inspiration is waiting behind every corner, just begging to be discovered.

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Louis Vuitton: A Chic Traveler’s Mecca

With a heritage of travel inspired craftsmanship and an international reach, its no surprise that Louis Vuitton has become more than just a baggage brand.

Starting in 1896, Louis Vuitton, a trained trunk craftsman, took advantage of his skills and the booming transportation era, and created luggage that was both functional and stylish. Fast forward to this century where this leading fashion house continues it’s rich history with travel themed ad campaigns, recently featuring Angelina Jolie on a Cambodian river boat, and famously portraying Mikhail Gorbachev against the Berlin Wall.

Continuing from it’s bread and butter signature monogrammed bags, Louis Vuitton capitalized on its niche in the travel and fashion market, and created a dedicated line of travel products including passport holders, city guides, luggage sets, and of course steamer trunks. Continue reading