Travel Recovery in the Sunny Haze of Huanchaco’s Beach Town


After the chilly temperatures and breathless heights of Huaraz, I was eager to get to sunnier climes. Following my trajectory north I decided to make camp in Huanchaco, a surfer’s paradise and notoriously lazy beach town, for an undetermined amount of time. For the next week I took my cues from the nearby lizards: find a warm patch of sun and don’t move.

It was a restorative week, and by the end I felt energized enough to explore a bit. I visited the neighboring site of Chan Chan, a Unesco World Heritage Site that contains the archeological remains of the Moche civilization, and watched a fiery sunset bathe the city of Huanchaco in a blanket of warmth.

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Up and Away in the Heights of Huaraz


After the high altitudes of Cusco and the Inca Trail, I told myself that I was done with heights for a while. But a few weeks later I found myself back in the mountains, this time in the Northern city of Huaraz. For two days I hiked, rock climbed, enjoyed the Aguas Calientes, and took in the beautiful, stark scenery.

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