Photo of the Day: Summer Lovin’

Drinking coconut water on a beach in Koh Samet, Thailand

As the winter finally ends and the weather is (slowly!) starting to warm up again, I find myself fantasizing about the summer beach days to come. With spring cleaning in full effect, its time to pull out those summer dresses and strappy sandals and get ready for a tropical adventure.

Where will this American girl be spending summer 2012? In Spain, of course!

And I can’t wait to share it all with YOU! From Madrid to Barcelona to Ibiza, I will be sharing the best in food, nightlife, culture, and of course fashion.

Where will you be spending this summer?

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Summer Lovin’

  1. Beautiful Leora. To me, your photography is totally pure to you, which speaks volumes about you. I find it refreshing. Photographers too often try to satisfy everyone and lose their artistic edge. Madrid + Barcelona + Ibiza = felicidades. Un saludo.
    In Brazil – Boa Viagem, of course!
    BV is the most famous beach of Recife. Most of the beach of Boa Viagem is protected by a natural barrier corals. At low tide, formed several natural pools along the beach, also at low tide you can walk on the corals, which are relatively flat and wide (but slippery). When the tide rises, the corals are completely covered by water.
    Greetings from Boa Viagem.

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