Highlights from Peru: 2 Months in Photos

Now that I am back in NYC after my amazing 2 month journey through Peru, I have had more time to reflect on just how incredible this trip was. Sometimes it takes going back to your old routine to appreciate that special moment in time.

I will still be sharing stories, photos and videos from my journey, but for now, I would like to leave you with a glimpse of some of my favorite moments from Peru.

These are 2 variations of the traditional reed boats on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Each boat is made entirely of dried reeds and filled with empty water bottles, and is steered with paddles and a Eucalyptus pole. Floating down the lake on one of these handmade boats is a surreal experience.

Hiking along the Inca Trail was an incredible journey, one that was mostly due to it’s scenic views. Whether I was gazing out at the close enough to touch cloud formations, or tentatively crossing a narrow mountain pass, my jaw was constantly dropped in amazement. Watching the Llamas frolic around the lawn of Machu Picchu was the perfect ending to this life-changing experience.

From the pebbled shores of Lima’s surf to the small fishing village of Chala, to the magnificent sunsets over surfer paradise Huanchaco, each beach that I visited in Peru had it’s own unique story. Watching the waves rise and fall was a calming, constant reminder that although I might not return for a long while, I would still have the memory of Peru and its waters, deeply ingrained in my mind.

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