Fashion Travel Tips to Check Before Each Trip

An Andean man in traditional dress. Pisac, Peru.
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Finding a balance between style, comfort, and practicality is no easy feat, especially while traveling. With Lady Gaga and the late Alexander McQueen popularizing sky high platforms and avant garde styles, its easy to forget how chic simplicity can be. Travelers heading to a foreign or exotic locale should do a little homework before each visit to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe situations.

1. Don’t wear a tourist sign.

Traveling around the world is the perfect opportunity to pick up new fashion inspiration, but it is also an ideal environment to tone down your wardrobe. Loud, flashy colors can not only attract the attention of those around you, but can also make you stand out as a clear tourist in certain locations. While sunbathing in the south of France may be ideal to showcase your latest baubles, doing so through the markets in Quito is an open invitation to pickpockets. Have in mind where you are going, and try to blend in with the locals wherever possible. Wear neutral colors, save your bling for Europe, and most importantly, act relaxed! If you feel confident and comfortable, you’ll fit right in.

2. Research the local traditions of each country you plan on visiting.

Researching the local culture and traditions is key to understanding the people around you. Showing up at a Thai temple in bare arms and legs, for example, will result in you having to wrap yourself in the provided sheets. Unless you don’t plan on taking too many pictures, you probably won’t want to be snapped in what looks like a giant pillowcase. If you can’t bear to part from your colorful scarves, and bold jewelry, then places like Cusco, Peru are more ideal for you with the brightly colored llama wool pieces overflowing through the city.

3. Shop in advance

While you may be bringing an empty suitcase in anticipation of local threads that your friends can’t find at home, do a little pre-trip shopping as well. Showing up in a new city completely unprepared can ruin the beginning of your trip. Make sure to bring a bag that zips shut and can be worn in front of your body. Pickpockets live in even the safest cities, and you’ll be happy when your iphone 4S is still safely tucked inside at the end of each day.

Most of all, just be aware that you are going to be visiting a new country, and you are essentially a guest there. Don’t just show up in your sweatpants! Show off your personal style, and stay within the comfort level of the local people.

You may end up giving them a tip or two…