Photo Journal: A group of my favorite Thailand pictures

Two years ago I had the immense pleasure of being invited to Thailand for two weeks to stay with my good friend Sophie. I had never been to Asia before and was so excited/nervous. Although I would be with locals, I had heard horror stories about food poisoning, prostitution rings and tuk tuk accidents (sophie has a traumatic tuk tuk story herself).

I arrived in Bangkok after 2 days of flying hell (note to self, 13 hour layovers in Korea are not worth saving $200 on your flight) and walked out of the airport into the bright January sun. Instantly all of my worries faded. Over the next two weeks I took speed boats to remote islands, explored the heavenly scented flower market, scored bags of $2 dresses and visited over ten different temples. I ate everything in sight, survived a bout of food poisoning, continued eating everything because it was that good, and learned how to say delicious and thank you in Thai. Here is a collage of some of my favorite pictures and experiences from this trip. I hope you enjoy!

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