Eating Local in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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One of my favorite experiences of visiting other countries is an immersive visit to their local market. From the strange new foods, the strong scents, both good and bad, and the colorful scenes of local life, each visit is a fascinating and entertaining experience. One of my favorite tastes from the markets in Chiang Mai was the fried banana. If a more decadent street treat exists, I haven’t met it. One bite instantly turned our group into a giggling mass of children at snack time, clamoring for yet another taste. Continue reading

Souvenir Guide: What to Buy on a Trip to Thailand

Souvenirs of Thailand

Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, the best way to remember a trip is not through a tiny trinket or a kitchen magnet, but through a taste, an experience, or a sip of something foreign. When I travel, I spend my money on three different memory makers, ensuring that my experience (and later on, my memory) is wonderful, sensory, and strong. Continue reading

Travel in Style: Beach Vacation Packing Inspiration

beach packing

Vacations are a time to kick back and let your daily worries fade away with each passing minute. Aside from the standard spa day and beachside lounging, I find as much relaxation in the items I pack. Gone are the daily uniform of black, white, and grey. Instead I find myself reaching for fun patterns, bright colors, and anything that brings a smile to my face. While a few staples like a straw brimmed hat and a book to lose myself in are perennial vacation accoutrements, I love to add in something unexpected to brighten up my day and my photos! Cue the panda faced purse.

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Travel in Style: Out of Africa Edition

Travel in Style- Out of Africa Edition

Meryl Streep’s turn in Out of Africa was iconic for more than the lush African backdrop. The khaki colored ensembles she wore were enough to make anyone jealous, safari bound or not. Drawing inspiration from her wardrobe, I sourced some modern day items that will transport you to your dream safari.

Robert Redford sadly not included.

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Visiting the Monuments of Washington, DC

Washington MonumentWhile it is considered the norm to visit Washington, DC’s historic monuments on an eighth grade graduation trip, I found myself compelled to revisit them on my recent trip to our nation’s capital. Aside from the interesting history that I re-learned while furiously googling each monument, I loved seeing the beautiful contrast of each structure against the evening sky. Golden hour is well appointed in DC, and each monument lends their own unique version to the sunset.  Continue reading