The Isolated Island Beauty of Off Season Boracay Island

2014-11-18 03.28.34From powder soft stretches of chalk white sand to the pristine blues of the transparent waters, the island of Boracay is an island of visual and visceral delight. During the high season it becomes overrun with party goers, celebrating into the wee hours of morning and lining the beach with their beach towels and totes. However, the off season finds a calm, quiet oasis of untouched corners and drawn out days, with a spectacular sunset sendoff each night. Indeed, this Philippine island remains one of my favorite destinations to date. Continue reading

Happy New Year: Thai Lanterns in Kui Buri

2014-11-15 10.12.13Every traveler has specific ideas about their upcoming trip. Some are focused on the food they will eat, others are excited by the local culture, and others drag two empty suitcases along in anticipation of the amazing buys they will find. On a recent trip to Thailand, I found myself thinking of one thing in particular as well; the lighting of a Thai lantern.

Traditionally used on New Years, I got the chance to release a lantern for a friend’s wedding. I closed my eyes and made my New Year resolutions a bit early, then released the lantern up to the sky to join the luminous flight.  Continue reading

The Jim Thompson House and it’s Mysterious History

Jim Thompson HouseThe story of Jim Thompson is a fascinating one, and in fact has prompted the writing of several books on his life. An American soldier and spy, Jim was sent to Thailand towards the end of the war and fell in love with the country. He returned after his service had ended and made a life for himself. Particularly interested in the cottage silk industry, Jim was a key influencer in promoting the Thai silk trade and helped bring this product to the global market. He was also very interested in Asian culture and design, creating a beautiful teak home filled with locally sourced artwork, furniture, and inspiration.  Continue reading

Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine ThailandConveniently located just off of the Chitlom stop on the BTS Sky Train, Erawan Shrine is a must see destination for tourists in Bangkok. You can actually smell and hear the shrine before you see the statue itself. Incense and smoke waft down the street and the heady scent of flowers combine with the heat of the day. The sound of Thai chanting and the faint jingle of bells grows louder as you approach, and finally the scene explodes in a riot of color and chaos. Local dance groups are stationed around the shrine singing and performing traditional dances in brightly colored fabrics.  Continue reading

Riding the Bangkok BTS Sky Train

BTS Sky TrainLiving in New York City, it’s easy to accept that riding the subway, while an efficient method of transportation, is not a hygienic nor a pleasant experience. Yet every time I leave New York and use the metro systems of other countries, I am astounded. Who knew it was possible to have such a clean, quiet, and enjoyable experience while being shuttled in an enclosed space with numerous other strangers?  Continue reading