Frieze. Summer is (un)officially here

2015-05-16 13.41.25

For me, the unofficial start to summer begins with the annual Frieze Art Fair on Randalls Island. Although it is still May, and New York weather changes moods more often than a teenage girl, there is something about boarding that ferry, sailing across the water and visiting an oft forgotten island to see some beautiful and thought provoking art, to bring about a summertime state of mind.  Continue reading

The Wynn: A Hotel Standout in Macau

2015-03-31 22.43.37

After traveling around the globe, I’ve experienced my fair share of hotels. Large and small, budget and luxury, detail oriented and wildly lacking. The Wynn in Macau was an eye opening experience for me, not only in it’s thoughtful design and immersive experience, but for the range of its scope and its embrace of different cultures. Continue reading

Macau Photo Journal, Part Two

2015-03-30 00.52.47

Macau crept up on me. Half expecting the cacophony of noise and bodies that pulse through the streets of China, I was thrilled to find that the blend of Portuguese and Chinese history was not relegated to schoolbooks. Instead, the streets were a blend of Chinese and Portuguese lettering, the food a mélange of Asian, European, and a new blend of Macanese flavors, and the sights a beautiful tapestry of this island’s history, while retaining both countries influence.  Continue reading

Macau Photo Journal, Part One

2015-03-29 06.51.49

Earlier this spring, I was invited to join an influencer trip by the Macau Government Tourist Office. Aside from the Las Vegas comparisons, I knew relatively little about this tiny island (technically peninsula) off the coast of China. While casinos make up a large piece of Macau, there is a fascinating culture beyond the casino, beginning with its Portuguese history. Macau was a Portuguese colony from the 16th to the 19th century, and still retains a strong cultural connection to Portugal today. From dishes, like Lord Stowe’s famous egg tarts, to design, like the mosaic tiled streets, Macau has created its own identity, separate from Mainland China.  Continue reading

Guatape, Colombia: A Day Trip of Soaring Heights and Boundless Color

2015-03-08 10.15.57After asking around Medellin for the top places to see in the area, I was told on repeat, “visit Guatape.” Roughly a two hour drive away, Guatape is the home to El Peñol Stone, or “The Rock of Guatape.” Visitors can climb 740 steps that are thoughtfully marked along the way, and are rewarded with panoramic views of the lush lake region below once they reach the top. Continue reading