Lyon, France

2014-12-05 04.37.33Lyon, the second largest city in France after Paris, has quickly developed into one of my favorite French cities. A culinary destination, Lyon lays claim to Chef Paul Bocuse and has a unique collection of historical bouchons. The city is traveler friendly with its easy to navigate streets and ample public transportation, and provides a healthy mix of city and suburb. Wide boulevards lined with trellised apartments turn onto narrow side streets, with a collection of secret tunnels or traboulesContinue reading

The History Behind the Lyonnaise Bouchon

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Home to the famed chef Paul Bocuse, the city of Lyon takes the art of French cuisine very seriously. Among their unique gastronomic traditions is the Bouchon establishment. In French, the word Bouchon technically means a cork in a bottle, but is colloquially referred to as a traffic jam. It has also come to be known for traditional Lyonnais dining establishments, made official by L’Association de Défense des Bouchons Lyonnais (The Association for the Preservation of Lyonnais Bouchons.) Stemming from the word bousche, which means a twisted bundle of straw, the story goes that these Bouchons would hang straw from their roofs, indicating that a hot meal could be found within.  Continue reading

Bam Bike: Riding Through Manila’s Historical District

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Traveling in a new country can be an overwhelming experience. It’s easy to stick to destinations close to your hotel and scuttle back to your hotel room for an early bird dinner. When I’m traveling to an unfamiliar place and am looking to meet some locals, or at least a few friendly faces, I like to sign up for a city tour. It’s a great way to learn some history about the place I’m in, and at the very least I can swap travel plans with the other tourists in the group.  Continue reading

The Ever Changing Colors of Boracay Island’s Sunset

2014-11-18 04.30.48From soft blues streaked with pink to a sky as bright as a box of highlighters, the sunsets each night in Boracay were an event in themselves. The boats bobbing in the water created a beautiful shadow against the palate of colors, and with each minute the scene would change. Conjuring up both joy and melancholia, the dramatic evenings on Boracay Island are an unmissable sight.  Continue reading

The Isolated Island Beauty of Off Season Boracay Island

2014-11-18 03.28.34From powder soft stretches of chalk white sand to the pristine blues of the transparent waters, the island of Boracay is an island of visual and visceral delight. During the high season it becomes overrun with party goers, celebrating into the wee hours of morning and lining the beach with their beach towels and totes. However, the off season finds a calm, quiet oasis of untouched corners and drawn out days, with a spectacular sunset sendoff each night. Indeed, this Philippine island remains one of my favorite destinations to date. Continue reading